Kyros Ventures teams up with globally compliant decentralized capital market AllianceBlock

Kyros Ventures, the connecting portal to many of the largest Vietnamese crypto communities, shakes hands with AllianceBlock, the bridge between traditional and digital capital markets built with the Prometheus Protocol – the heart of the AllianceBlock Ecosystem. 

As Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has recently become one of the hottest crypto trends, more and more users are migrating their businesses to the blockchain ecosystem. This new trend has also increased the desire for a platform that conveniently consists of all DeFi application features. Thus, AllianceBlock’s ‘DeFi Ecosystem’ is a multi-sided platform blockchain-based ecosystem, in which all the transactions between users, investors, issuers, institutions, and others are being executed in a secure and regulated environment. The ecosystem is maintained by Institutional Nodes that are responsible for transaction broadcasting, voting, and service provision. 

AllianceBlock is the first globally compliant decentralized capital market and next generation of capital market infrastructure providers for financial institutions. AllianceBlock helps issuers simplify their issuance by registering ISIN digital security; provide investors with a service package including Digital Identity, Custody & Liquidity; and assist funds and institutional investors with a complete solution for Compliance Checks, Assessments & Rating and Tracking & Analytics for issuer offers. AllianceBlock’s solution is built on the principles of censorship resistance, transparency, and openness, with the Prometheus protocol aiming to realize a decentralized, collaborative and sustainable capital market that brings together issuers, investors, institutions, traders, experts, advisors, other service providers, and even talent.

The ALBT token is AllianceBlock’s native token, which fulfills multiple key functions within the protocol. ALBT token will be the main medium of exchange for services and assets on the platform. ALBT will be used throughout all services by users, institutions, and data such as means of reward, network fees, means of payment for access to data and data query, collateral in transactions, voting and delegating of voting power, staking, as well as network participant rating. In the future, users in the ecosystem will be eligible to use ETH or other coins, however, every transaction will require some involvement of ALBT token. 

The collaboration between Kyros and AllianceBlock will underpin and drive forth blockchain development efforts towards Vietnamese communities. Kyros will be introducing Alliance’s applications to the native community, helping Alliance build a positive reputation towards its services, along with providing marketing strategy and consultancy that best fits the native users’ investing habits. With this new partnership, Kyros & AllianceBlock’s common goal is to raise awareness of quality investment opportunities. We are both committed to working together to promote a healthy digital capital market through co-branded marketing activities that run within the Vietnamese market.


About Kyros Ventures

Kyros Ventures is a conglomerate of four of the largest crypto communities in Vietnam: Coin98, Tradecoin Vietnam, HC Capital and Coin68, which collectively have more than 100,000 active traders. Kyros Ventures is the gateway for international cryptocurrency projects to enter into the Vietnamese market. We aim to help projects achieve greater awareness and adoption thanks to our extensive network of partners and communities.

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About AllianceBlock

AllianceBlock is building the first globally compliant decentralized capital market. Incubated by three of Europe’s most prestigious incubators: Station F, L39, and Kickstart Innovation in Zurich, and led by a heavily experienced team of ex-JP Morgan, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs investment bankers, and quants, AllianceBlock is on the path to disrupt the $100 trillion securities market with its state-of-the-art and globally compliant decentralized capital market.

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