FinNexus Insights – Infographics on The “Hidden Gem” in DeFi Options

FinNexus is the next-generation open finance hub, connecting assets, users, blockchains and service providers together. To realize this goal, the team behind the project is building a decentralized protocol for options trading and offering DeFi options liquidity mining to earn its native FNX token.

Through the following series of illustrative infographics, Kyros Ventures will introduce you to everything you need to know on the FinNexus project, from its fundamentals and the many use cases of the FNX token to FinNexus’s applications in DeFi and a quick comparison with other rising crypto options protocol to further demonstrate the innovations and growth potential that FinNexus possesses. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Infographic #1: Overview of FinNexus

Infographic #2: The FNX token and its DeFi use cases

Infographic #3: How to mine FNX and FinNexus’s Options competitors