Kyros Ventures joins Royale Finance’s $350,000 seed round

Kyros Ventures, the conglomerate consisting of many of the largest Vietnamese crypto communities, had participated in the $350,000 seed round of Royale Finance, a DeFi protocol building a trustless ecosystem where iGaming platforms borrow capital to fund their bankroll.

Royale Finance is the latest project to apply the use of blockchain technology in the centralized internet gambling (iGaming) sector, even taking it to a whole new level by combining it with decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions to create what they called ‘iGDeFi’. The team behind the project believes that the current iGaming industry, which is projected to worth 127 billion USD by 2027, still holds much potential that can be unlocked with the help of blockchain and DeFi.

In essence, Royale Finance is a Web 3.0 platform that will provide liquidity to iGaming developers through the use of smart contracts, meanwhile secure their innovations with the transparency and immutability nature of blockchain. Royale plans to disrupt the iGaming industry by helping entrepreneurs to fund their bankroll via a network of participants rewarded to provide capital. The fund then can be used to bootstrap the network, lend capital to the first users, and continue the development of the project. With the integration of a self-governing DAO protocol, open-source smart contracts and algorithms, a fair distribution mechanism for users, and shared liquidity pools to lower entry barriers, Royale Finance will guarantee the highest possible benefits for both projects and users coming to their platform.

Sharing the same vision as Royale Finance in increasing the adoption of blockchain technology in all aspects of life as a whole and in the iGaming industry in particular, Kyros Ventures had joined Royale Finance’s $350,000 seed round with other well-known incubators, including Alphabit, Fomocraft Ventures, and Vendetta Capital. The funds will be utilized to achieve Royale’s roadmap goals in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021, such as deploy smart contracts to provide liquidity for iGaming businesses and retrieve collaterals, reward users via DeFi money market and AMM protocols and distribute ROYA governance token.

On top of that, Kyros Ventures will assist Royale Finance in expansion into the Vietnam market and surrounding regions. In specific, Kyros will leverage our deep knowledge and understanding of the Vietnamese crypto communities to introduce Royale’s innovations in iGDeFi to local investors and traders. Kyros will also explore other collaboration opportunities between Royale Finance and our network of partners both domestically and abroad.


About Kyros Ventures

Kyros Ventures is a conglomerate of four of the largest crypto communities in Vietnam: Coin98, Tradecoin Vietnam, HC Capital, and Coin68, which collectively have more than 100,000 active traders. Kyros Ventures is the gateway for international cryptocurrency projects to enter into the Vietnamese market. We aim to help projects achieve greater awareness and adoption thanks to our extensive network of partners and communities.

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About Royale Finance

Royale Finance is an iGaming DeFi protocol seeking to build a trustless ecosystem where iGaming platforms can access liquidity for their bankroll requirements. Royale’s user-centric platform creates Web 3.0 smart contracts-backed liquidity that allows iGaming entrepreneurs to bootstrap innovation with the security and transparency of the blockchain. 

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