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Last year, GM Vietnam made waves as the premier blockchain event in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and this year, we’re taking it to new heights! Building upon the great success of GM Vietnam 2023, where we welcomed over 6,000 participants, engaged 400+ partners, and hosted 80+ speakers, GM Vietnam 2024 promises to reignite your imagination and inspire innovative ideas once again.

Join us on June 7th and 8th, 2024 at THISKYHALL, as we present the forefront of blockchain innovation and cultural showcase.

Event Venue

GM Vietnam 2024 takes place at the renowned THISKYHALL, located in the bustling center of District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This modern venue spans over 4,000 square meters, offering the perfect setting for the event, blending sophistication with innovation.

GM Vietnam 2024 Agenda

Alongside organizers Kyros Ventures, Ninety Eight, Ancient8, and key association digital partner VDCA, attendees at GM Vietnam will have the opportunity to directly interact with the event’s prestigious sponsors. These include BingX, zkSync, Holdstation, OKX, CoinEx, Aptos, Galxe, Polkadot, EMURGO, Zen Card, Klaytn, Conflux, Avalanche, Pixelverse, Swing, Persistence, Mantle, Aperture and many more to be announced soon. 

Participants can also meet and socialize with representatives from projects and investment funds joining the conference.

  • Projects: Tether, Nansen, Arkham, Axie Infinity, Kyber Network, Celestia, Sei Network, Chromia, OneID, Viction, Verichains, CertiK, SafePal, Mocaverse, Ankr, SIPHER, Manta Network, Metis, Pendle, Jupiter, Starship, Orderly Network, Coin98 Wallet, Hooked Protocol, Injective, Pyth Network, Space3, ARC Community, Circle, TZ APAC, Impossible Finance, Band Protocol, SynFutures, Frax Finance, MEXC, Cube Exchange, Tribe, Taiko, Creatory, Maverick Protocol, BSX, Cyborg,, Trust Wallet, The Sandbox, Quantstamp, BlockSec, FriendZone, etc.
  • Investment funds: C2 Ventures, Wintermute, DeFiance Capital, Hashed, The Spartan Group, Delphi Digital, Arche Fund, Saison Capital, Dragonfly, CMT Digital, Arcane Group, Gate Ventures, Matrixport, Vamient Capital, Flowdesk, GSG, Presto Labs, etc.

GM Vietnam 2024 gathers industry leaders and experts from prominent organizations, projects, and initiatives to spark discussions on the latest trends and innovations. This year’s focus revolves around new trends such as the re-emergence of DeFi, adoption of Real World Assets, integration of AI, On-chain solutions, and strategies for user onboarding.

Day 1: June 7 | Expedition into Web3

  • AI Integration & On-Chain Solutions: Discover how AI is integrated with blockchain technology, unlocking new possibilities in automation and governance through on-chain solutions. 
  • User Onboarding & Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Explore innovative approaches for enhancing user experience and facilitating the onboarding of new users into the Web3 ecosystem, along with the newest breakthroughs and trends in the DeFi sector.
  • GameFi Revolution: Learn about the emerging trend of GameFi and how blockchain technology is transforming the gaming industry, driving adoption and innovation. 

Day 2: June 8 | Peering into the Future of Web3

  • Scalability & Market Dynamics: Investigate scaling solutions such as Layer 2 and their role in addressing scalability challenges, while understanding market dynamics in decentralized financial markets.
  • Web3 Adoption & Asia-Pacific Blockchain Hub: Explore strategies for driving widespread adoption of Web3 technologies, alongside recognizing the Asia-Pacific region as a key hub for blockchain adoption.
  • Blockchain Security: Delve into the latest advancements and challenges in blockchain security, safeguarding digital assets and infrastructure.

During GM Vietnam 2024, attendees can look forward to numerous side events alongside the main conference activities. These diverse side events offer participants additional opportunities for networking, learning, and engaging with the dynamic Web3 community. Visit the official event website at for more details.

Ticket Options

GM Vietnam 2024 offers three ticket options:

Standard Ticket (Free)

  • 2 full days of conference sessions featuring industry experts.
  • Complimentary food and beverage service throughout the conference.
  • Standard event gift set containing conference essentials for all attendees.

Professional Ticket ($74 – Discounted from $99)

  • All the benefits of the Standard Ticket.
  • Official After Party ticket included.
  • Complimentary two-day lunch at the conference.
  • Premium event gift set containing exclusive items.

Premium Ticket ($499)

  • All the benefits of the Professional Ticket.
  • Pre-conference private dinner with top industry leaders for VIP networking (exclusive).

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For more information about GM Vietnam, ticket options, and registration, please visit the official event website at

About GM Vietnam

GM Vietnam is the leading blockchain event in the SEA region, aimed at fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities within the Web3 community. This year’s event is hosted by Kyros Ventures, in collaboration with Vietnam Blockchain Association (VBA), and strategic partnerships from Ninety Eight, Ancient8 and Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA). With its immersive agenda, top-notch speakers, and vibrant atmosphere, GM Vietnam is set to be the highlight event of 2024 in the blockchain industry.

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