Game On! Play and Win Big at GM Vietnam 2024

Mark your calendars, GM Vietnam 2024 attendees! 

The 2-day event is packed not only with insightful talks and networking opportunities, but also with exciting minigames. These fun activities offer a chance to win iPhone 15 Promax, AirPods 3, limited edition Zen Cards, and more, all worth up to a total of $10,000 while keeping you engaged and entertained throughout the conference. Four unique minigames await you, designed to test your knowledge, social media savvy, and even a little bit of luck!

1. 2-Day Check-In, Double Your Chance to Win


  • Top 1: iPhone 15 Pro Max Natural Titanium 256GB (1 winner)
  • Top 2: AirPods 3 (1 winner)
  • Top 3: Keyboard (2 winners)
  • Top 4: Logitech Mouse (3 winners)

How to join:

  • Register for the GM Vietnam 2024 event HERE
  • Check in on Day 1 and Day 2 to collect raffle ticket stamps.
  • Submit your raffle ticket at the BingX Stage entrance between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM on June 8, 2024.


  • Attend both days of GM Vietnam 2024. 
  • Only attendees who check in on Day 1 will receive the raffle ticket. 
  • Be present at the raffle draw at the BingX Stage at 5:00 PM (UTC +7) on Day 2, June 8, 2024. 
  • In case of winning, you must present the intact raffle ticket stub with the serial number matching the announced winning prize serial number. 
  • Each participant can only win one prize. 
  • Winners cannot substitute another person to claim the prize. 
  • The organizer’s decision on raffle results is final. 

2. Quiz Challenge at BingX Stage


  • Each day: Top 25 players win a set of two GM Vietnam-themed Zen Cards each.
  • Overall top 3: Each wins an additional Premium GM Vietnam Gift Set.

How to join:

  • Head to the BingX Stage at 5:00 PM (UTC +7) on Day 1 and Day 2. 
  • The Quiz will consist of 10 multiple-choice questions related to Web3. Answer each question quickly and accurately to climb the leaderboard. 

Note: Prizes will be awarded directly on stage after the conclusion of each minigame.


3. Capture the Moment with #GMVN2024 Hashtag


50 sets of two GM Vietnam-themed Zen Cards (25 sets each day).

How to join:

  • Take an engaging photo checking in at GM Vietnam 2024. 
  • Upload your photo to social media platforms (X, TikTok, Facebook, etc.) and include the official event hashtag #GMVN2024 in your caption. Make sure your profile is set to public so everyone can see your entry.

Selection and announcement process:

  • Daily winners: The Organizing Committee (OC) will randomly choose the best 25 photos each day before 3:00 PM (UTC +7). These photos will be displayed on the BingX Stage at the end of each day.
  • Announcement of winners: The list of winners for each day will be officially announced on GM Vietnam’s official X and Facebook pages.
  • Prize redemption: The OC will directly reach out to the winners to coordinate prize delivery. Winners are also responsible for contacting the OC to claim their prizes. 


4. Score Points, Grab Souvenirs 


Exclusive GM Vietnam souvenirs.

How to join:

  1. Download the Galxe app and connect your wallet (use WalletConnect to link your preferred Web3 wallet, like MetaMask).
  2. Head to the Space tab and search for “GM Vietnam.”
  3. Complete:

Quest 1: Access and follow all sponsors to unlock the Quest 1 rewards.

Quest 2: Visit various booths at the event, scan the QR codes at each booth and complete tasks to rack up points (2 points per booth).

    • Reach 77 points (visit 15 booths) to unlock rewards.
    • Accumulate 109 points (visit 31 booths) to unlock the third wave of rewards.

4. Head to the Souvenir booth and exchange your hard-earned points for exclusive souvenirs!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to play, win, and connect with the GM Vietnam community! REGISTER NOW AT


About GM Vietnam

GM Vietnam is the leading blockchain event in the SEA region, aimed at fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities within the Web3 community. This year’s event is hosted by Kyros Ventures, in collaboration with Vietnam Blockchain Association (VBA), and strategic partnerships from Ninety Eight, Ancient8 and Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA). With its immersive agenda, top-notch speakers, and vibrant atmosphere, GM Vietnam is set to be the highlight event of 2024 in the blockchain industry.

Discover more: Website | X (Twitter) | Facebook