Episode 4: Seeking alpha with Alpha Finance Labs

Recovering from the exploit, Alpha Finance is coming back strongly with various updates and new product lines. Joined us last Thursday, Tascha Punyaneramitdee, the co-founder and CEO of Alpha Finance Labs, also shared her view on NFT from a perspective of DeFi yield farming.

What’s on wait? Beta Finance, one of the first projects incubated by Alpha Launchpad. Follow us in our seeking alpha journey.

Episode 3: Demystifying NFTs & Blockchain Game with Chromia & My Neighbor Alice

This episode in the Kyros Space series is a lively and exciting discussion on the top trending topic: NFT and video games built on blockchain. With us in this episode is our host, as usual, Kevin Booey, Kyros Ventures’s representative. Our guests are Anna Norrevik, the CEO of My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), and Ginés Sánchez Navarro, Chief Strategy & Operations at Chromia (CHR).

Further in the talk, we break down the key differences between a blockchain game and a traditional game and how blockchain gaming can continue to shine. Other topics in the discussion include the future role of the Play-to-Earn mechanism, how cross-chain become more popular, and the vision for blockchain gaming.

Episode 2: Understanding Stablecoins – MakerDAO

In the second episode, we have MakerDAO, an outstanding project in the decentralized financial ecosystem. Fireside chat #2 guests include Kevin Booey, Kyros Ventures representative as host; Jocelyn Chang, Asia Pacific Development Lead at MakerDAO, and Tin Tran: Top 2 Degens, BD at Kyros Ventures.

Together we exchanged in-depth thoughts about different types of stablecoins, how DAI can find its niche, and the future of the field. Other topics we discussed in this episode:

  • CBDC impact on crypto stablecoin
  • Decentralized versus centralized stablecoin

Episode 1: Explore the KryptoVerse with Zane and Jenny

In our first episode, we have our CEO, Zane, and our COO, Jenny. Zane shared his journey with Kyros Ventures and Coin68.com, the largest crypto media network in Vietnam. Later in the talk, Jenny unveiled how she selects promising projects for VC investments. Other topics we discussed:

  • Perspectives on Vietnam crypto market
  • How a project could stand out in eyes of crypto VC
  • The vision for Kyros Ventures