Kyros Ventures becomes Vietnam’s first and largest Serum Node

We are thrilled to announce that Kyros Ventures will be running a node allowing the staking of Serum (SRM). We heartily believe in the potential of Project Serum to reshape the DeFi and Cryptocurrency space.

DeFi has been a widely featured sector over the past few months. This is particularly evident in the parabolic rise of market caps for DeFi coins. According to DeFi Pulse, the total value locked into DeFi protocols has jumped 10-fold this year to $7 billion. 

Within the crypto-asset ecosystem, investors have figured out how to quickly allocate capital whenever new opportunities arise. We believe that investors have found their holy-grail-DeFi when approaching the Serum Project.

“Pure” DeFi Serum Project to revolutionize the finance landscape 

Project Serum is a decentralized exchange (DEX), which was created to solve the centralized vulnerabilities existing in the current DeFi space. 

Serum is best-known as the collaboration between FTX, a growing centralized trading platform, and Solana, an interoperable blockchain platform. 

Built on Solana, Serum has cross-chain support which is in contrast with other protocols that require trusted parties to permit cross-chain swaps. Using over 100 validators, Serum opts to do this in a fully decentralized way. Therefore, Serum can be known as a “pure” DeFi with “the only centralized thing is its URL”.

Despite being native to Solana, Serum is designed to be completely interoperable with different blockchains. That gives the new DEX an advantage as many traders are keen to trade other cryptocurrencies besides the ERC-20 tokens that most DeFi platforms currently offer. 

SRM is Serum’s governance token, which has been listed on multiple crypto exchanges including DEXs and CEXs. Not only has the price shot up from $0.11 to over $1 in seconds after listing on the first exchange. SRM gives holders governance power over the Serum ecosystem, the staking incentives, and its utilities

Importantly, we have faith that Serum can go further due to the partners behind it – from FTX exchange and Solana project, will push for more development

Kyros Ventures: A DeFi Accelerator

Kyros is a venture capital fund as well as a project accelerator in Vietnam.

We at Kyros are determined to see and conquer the best of the best investment opportunities in the crypto-asset space but never forget the mission of accelerating the ecosystem growth. 

Hence, Kyros made its move with Serum to be its first staking project. We can profoundly say that Kyros is Vietnam’s first and largest Serum Node. Users can lock their SRM and grow it on Kyros’ Node to earn up to 15% APY.

Kyros is continuously seeking hidden gems to assist in spreading mass awareness and adoption through Vietnam.