Kyros Ventures confirms its faith in Decentralized Money Market protocols with the Konomi Network partnership

Interoperable Money Markets, powered by Polkadot

Konomi targets crypto users looking into investing, trading, and managing assets in an efficient way. It is currently deployed as an independent blockchain using the Substrate framework. At launch, it will support functions in trading, deposits, and lending. As the Polkadot parachains are launched and interchain communication protocols live, Konomi could support more financial products specific to the Polkadot ecosystem.

The Konomi IDO is set on 16 March through Polkastarter, and they’re seeking to raise just $200,000, with 0.5% of the total supply being sold. The TGE will be taking place in mid-march, and a public test-net will be launched soon too. 

Kyros will help Konomi enter the Vietnamese markets

Through this collaboration, Kyros Ventures will help Konomi Network make inroads into the Vietnam market and surrounding regions. Specifically, Kyros will leverage our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Vietnamese crypto communities to introduce Konomi’s asset management solutions to local investors and traders. As TGE grows nearer, Kyros will explore other collaboration opportunities between Konomi Network and our partners’ network both domestically and abroad.


About Kyros Ventures

Kyros Ventures is the investment branch of Coin68 Media, the leading cryptocurrency entity in Vietnam. Specializing in incubation and investment, Kyros Ventures is the gateway for international cryptocurrency projects to enter the Vietnamese market, helping them to achieve greater awareness and adoption thanks to its extensive network of partners and communities.

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About Konomi Network

Konomi Network is a decentralized liquidity and money market protocol for cross-chain crypto assets. Its product matrix fulfills user demand in liquidity, borrowing/lending, and more advanced trading products in a decentralized way. KONOMI blockchain is built using the Substrate framework and supports smart contract development to seamlessly integrate with existing DeFi protocols. Konomi offers better blockchain infrastructure due to the base layer consensus, virtual machine, and more scalable system architecture.

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