Driving Innovation: GM Vietnam, Scalene, and Trinity Ventures Join Forces to offer the winning team an all-expenses paid trip to join Glitch

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between GM Vietnam, Scalene, and Trinity Ventures Studio that aims to foster innovation and celebrate the brightest minds in the tech community that are competing in the GM Vietnam HackerSpace. Together, we are offering an opportunity, where participants will showcase their skills and compete for the grand prize . This partnership represents a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting the progression and innovation in web3 that will come from the thriving APAC region. 

At Kyros, we understand the power of collaboration and the importance of nurturing talent within the tech community. We believe that by providing a platform for aspiring innovators to showcase their skills, we can fuel creativity, inspire groundbreaking ideas, and drive innovation forward. This hackathon is our way of reaching out to the vibrant tech community and inviting them to be part of something extraordinary.

The Role of Scalene and Trinity Ventures Studio

Scalene, a leading Web3 program for developers/designers with role placements, and Trinity Ventures Studio, a renowned venture capital firm, are instrumental partners in making this opportunity a reality. Their expertise and guidance will ensure that participants receive invaluable support and exposure to industry leaders. Together, we aim to create an environment that encourages collaboration, learning, and the exchange of ideas.

The HackerSpace is currently live, providing participants with an immersive experience filled with coding challenges, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities. Participants will have the chance to work on building their solutions to the relevant tracks.The HackerSpace is proudly sponsored by Aptos Network as the ecosystem partner, as well as the following track partners; AWS, Proximity, AvaLabs, and GoPlus.

To make this hackathon even more exciting, Scalene, and Trinity have joined forces to offer an incredible grand prize to the winning team. The winning team will receive a prize of an all-expenses-paid opportunity to the next Glitch event (worth up to $5,000 USD* expanded in terms and conditions, up to and discretionary). This includes flights, accommodation, and meals. Glitch, a renowned builder platform, offers a nurturing environment for tech innovators. The next Glitch event, potentially ETH Jeju/Glitch Bangkok, is set to be a major event with governmental sponsorship under negotiation. This opens up a global stage for GMVN HackerSpace talents to showcase their innovative Web3 builds.

The Benefits of Winning: The grand prize offers numerous benefits to the winning team,not only the cash prize but an opportunity to take it further. Firstly, it provides greater exposure as they shine on a bigger, global stage, putting the winner firmly on the Web3 map. This opportunity not only motivates the existing talent, but also individuals knowing that we have provided this incredible growth opportunity. Additionally, it opens up new avenues for collaboration and funding from a wider global community, directly benefiting Kyros, Scalene and Trinity Ventures Studio. This hackathon also sets the stage for a strategic partnership between Kyros and Glitch, ensuring long-term builder retention and providing participants with something exciting to look forward to.

Kevin Lu, Co-Founder of Scalene and former Head of Business Development at Band Protocol, has an impressive track record in the Web3 ecosystem. He transformed a pre-product project into a leading decentralized data oracle platform with over $25+ Billion in total value secured at its peak. As a two-time founder, operator, investor, and advisor, Kevin brings in-depth expertise across multifaceted Web3 domains. His driving mission is to empower the next million builders in the Web3 ecosystem.

Andy Chen, also a Co-Founder of Scalene and former Core Contributor at Synthetix, has made significant contributions to the development of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and governance tools. He pioneered the delegated council framework, which brought democracy on-chain for the first time and profoundly influenced the development of the industry. Andy’s expertise in governance and incentive alignment has led him to act as a technical advisor for Illuvium and Forefront, cementing his position as a revered figure in the DeFi community.

John Park is a co-founder of Trinity Venture Studio and a partner at SparkLabs, where he leads venture building and investments in web3.Previously, John was the CEO of Lifestyle Division at Al Ahli Holding Group (AAHG), a UAE-based multi billion-dollar conglomerate with diverse business portfolios from entertainment to retail. At AAHG, he hosted one of the largest K-Pop concerts in the Middle East. Before AAHG, John was at Memebox, a global K-Beauty startup, leading their business development effort. He started his career at SK holdings C&C’s corporate strategic planning division where he focused on assessing technology and market adoption strategy for IT Services and Solutions. John graduated with distinction from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Business and Economics.

Leveraging their extensive experience and expertise, Kevin, Andy and John will serve as mentors and judges in the HackerSpace. Their deep understanding of the Web3 ecosystem, coupled with their entrepreneurial journeys, will provide participants with invaluable guidance and insights as they navigate the hackathon. Their presence further highlights the commitment of Scalene and Trinity Ventures to nurturing and supporting the next generation of builders in the tech community.

How to participate

You can apply to the GMVN HackerSpace and for your chance at winning the Scalene/Trinity Grand Prize (Applications open until June30): https://hmtpexl7fbo.typeform.com/hackerspace

The collaboration between GM Vietnam, Scalene, and Trinity Ventures Studio represents a remarkable opportunity for the tech community to come together, push boundaries, and drive innovation in the Web3 industry.