Redefining networking and global expansion with Sleek

Sleek is a groundbreaking Web3 company leading the way in consumer technology. Sleek connects the physical and digital realms through its networking platform powered by NFTs and verified through the blockchain, empowering users to form meaningful friendships, effective business partnerships and brands to create impactful marketing campaigns.

With its cutting-edge platform utilizing NFC and QR-code technology, Sleek provides a sustainable and digital alternative to traditional paper business cards through its NFC networking cards that are fully customizable. While most users prefer to add their favorite PFP NFT, some others add their professional portraits for business development purposes. Sleek’s AI assistant then simplifies networking by managing social interactions, while its data-driven model recommends future events to attend. Sleek revolutionizes digital connections and relationship-building in the modern era.

To date, Sleek’s event engagement platform has successfully powered 30+ global events with 50k+ attendees, including Solana Hackerhouses, Degods at NFT NYC, Consensus and more. Sleek is forming strategic partnerships with major conferences such as IVS to reach 100k users, many of whom are key industry innovators. Sleek’s ambassador program has also attracted influencers with a combined Twitter following of 1+ million.

In just 6 months, Sleek expanded its operation to the US, Japan, Korea, Taipei, and Vietnam, facilitating 250k+ new connections via Telegram. The company has garnered support from prominent investors like Binance Labs and Shima Capital, who participated in a successful seed funding round. 

Sleek join hands with GM Vietnam as a proud Strategic Partner

We’re thrilled to unveil Sleek as a prominent strategic partner for the highly anticipated GM Vietnam 2023 event. By combining forces, we aim to create a dynamic environment where individuals can forge meaningful friendships and partnerships.

Furthermore, attendees will also benefit from Sleek’s proprietary data-driven AI model, which provides personalized event recommendations for future engagement and growth opportunities. Join us on this amazing journey!

Join the Quest & Forge Unforgettable Friendships at GM Vietnam

As part of our partnership, GM Vietnam and Sleek are excited to introduce the captivating ‘GM Vietnam x Sleek NFT Campaign’. That is a unique opportunity for attendees to connect, discover, and claim NFTs while embarking on an unforgettable quest at GM Vietnam 2023. To get started, follow this guide:

Step 1: Scan the Sleek QR Code to check in on Telegram and officially join the campaign. QR Codes can be found at Sleek Booth or around the venue.

Step 2: Claim and unbox the exclusive NFT. Each holds its own unique value and can unlock exciting future utilities.

Step 3: Download your digital Sleek card with a personalized QR code to unlock fantastic surprises during the event.

Step 4: Share your digital Sleek card with new friends at GM Vietnam, have them scan your QR code, and unlock more mystery boxes for double the excitement and rewards!

Step 5: Open mystery boxes to reveal hidden treasures and increase your chances of discovering exciting rewards from our partners.

Pro Tip: Connect with as many new friends as possible on Telegram to unlock additional mystery boxes. The more connections you make, the greater your chances of winning valuable rewards and surprises.

In conclusion, with Sleek’s innovative platform and the prestigious GM Vietnam event, participants can expect a revolutionary networking experience. Join us to embark on an unforgettable quest, forge new friendships, and unlock hidden treasures. 

Register now at and become a part of the future of networking. Visit for more information about Sleek’s groundbreaking platform. Together, let’s shape the future of collaboration and make GM Vietnam 2023 a resounding event.