Kyros Ventures leads $1M investment round into crypto derivatives trading platform FMX

Kyros Ventures, the investment branch of Coin68 Media and the leading incubator in crypto in Vietnam, today announced it has completed an investment into FMX, a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform that aims to simplify and gamify the trading experience of crypto futures, to assist FMX’s entrance into the Vietnamese market and boost the adoption of derivatives trading.

The $1 million investment round in both equity and FMX’s native token FMT was led by Kyros Ventures, with the participation of Coin98 Ventures, the newly formed investment arm of Coin98 Finance. This investment marks Kyros’ long-term stake in the development of the FMX platform to encourage the adoption of crypto futures trading.

FMX is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, specializing in futures contracts. Realizing that the crypto derivatives market, although very potential, but is still very risky, complex and lacks the necessary tools to support and incentivize traders, the team behind FMX has developed their own solutions to tackle these challenges. With the slogan “Futures trading made simple”, FMX’s mission is to make futures trading easy and accessible to everyone, promising success to all participants. To achieve this, FMX will focus on improving users’ experience on the platform by implementing a simplified and intuitive UX/UI design, demonstrating to users that futures contracts can also be exchanged with relative ease just as spot trading, not to mention even more fun and rewarding thanks to the gamified activities and uniquely designed trading competitions.

To power its platform, FMX will issue a native utility token named FMT, a Solana-based token with limited supply that can be used to earn exclusive privileges and participate in volume mining activities on the platform.

Jenny Nguyen, COO of Kyros Ventures, explained:

“Realizing the disruptiveness of FMX’s solutions and in order to back its expansion into the Vietnamese market, Kyros Ventures will invest in FMX’s equity to provide financial assistance to the platform and align the interests of the two parties in developing the nascent crypto derivatives landscape. Besides, Kyros Ventures will help establish FMX’s foothold and awareness in the Vietnamese crypto communities. Furthermore, Kyros Ventures will explore other collaborations between FMX and crypto organizations in Vietnam.”

Thuat Nguyen, CEO of Kyros Ventures, said:

“We are extremely impressed by FMX’s achievements since its launch. FMX’s suite of futures trading products is a necessary complement to the current crypto market, which will make it easier for ordinary traders to participate in this segment. Kyros Ventures expects that through this strategic investment, FMX’s innovative solutions in futures trading will soon see mass adoption by Vietnamese traders, thus demonstrating the full potential and ushering in a new age for crypto derivatives, especially during the uptrend period that we are witnessing.”


About Kyros Ventures

Kyros Ventures is the investment branch of Coin68 Media, the leading cryptocurrency entity in Vietnam. Specializing in incubation and investment, Kyros Ventures is the gateway for international cryptocurrency projects to enter the Vietnamese market, helping them to achieve greater awareness and adoption thanks to its extensive network of partners and communities.

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About FMX

FMX is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform that aims to solve the current shortcomings of current trading platforms by simplifying and gamifying the trading experience of crypto futures to encourage mass adoption and promise success to all who participate in its platform. FMX has its own utility token called FMT, which is a Solana-based token that offers holders with exclusive rights and can be used for volume mining.

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